When it comes to his shows, John has a very unique way of thinking.  Rather than using a traditional audience/performer relationship, John has developed interactive experiences where the audience become the stars of the show.  This allows each show to be different than the last and makes for many off-the-cuff and unique moments between John and his volunteers.

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Beginning in 2009, John launched his first performance tour, Locked UP, which opened to sold out crowds and included a very special stunt.  The spectacle, Rotellini's first venture into stunt work, was entitled -B L I N D- and required John to spend an entire day without sight, wrapping up with a blind drive through the streets of his hometown in a 2009 Pontiac Solstice roadster.

Three years later, in January of 2012, the show transitioned from it's original Locked UP format into the TOURPOCALYPSE brand. The show, a blend of high-octane illusions punctuated with close up effects, celebrity cameos and what can only be called "special" theatrical moments, entertained crowds across the U.S. and led to John's first full-length DVD - John Rotellini: TOURPOCALYPSE Live From The Gryphon Theatre

From there, John has kept very busy, raising thousands of dollars for charities that include Kidd's Kids, Children's Miracle Network, and Relay for Life while traveling the country entertaining audiences at various colleges and public events to rave reviews. He has been fortunate enough to gain sponsorship from American Crew Men's Products and has had the privilege of having EXPRESS Fashion be the official wardrobe provider for his tours.

Today, John is preparing for his newest U.S. Tour. From late 2011 until early 2013 John spent most of his time on the road.  After his critically-acclaimed tour wrapped its run during the middle of 2013, John began developing an all-new show -  AGENT PROVOCATOUR which began in 2015 and is currently touring the United States.