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 Ep. 1 - Vinny Grosso


Ep. 1 - Vinny Grosso

Exposed & Fearless 3rd edition cover.jpg

Episode 1 is FINALLY HERE! John joins magician, author, producer and all around great guy Vinny Grosso in his Las Vegas home.

In this episode, you can hear about:

  • How Vinny FOOLED Penn & Teller not once but TWICE on Penn & Teller: Fool Us (with some surprise help from Carrot Top and Gilbert Gottfried).

  • What it was like to perform completely nude in front of millions.

  • Vinny’s experience on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

  • His work onstage and behind the scenes of various shows.

  • His new book. “Exposed and Fearless” and the lessons he’s learned from some of the world’s hottest stars and what it truly means to be “Exposed and Fearless.”

To learn more about Vinny Grosso, you can find him online at:

His book, “Exposed and Fearless” is available online on as well as at book retailers nationwide.

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