During the latter part of 2012, in the midst of some mid-tour show revisions, ideas for new tour show began circulating between John and the team at R:E | Rotellini Entertainment & Design.  Now, more than five months later, it's official.  Beginning winter 2014, John and his team will launch AGENT PROVOCATOUR, an all new glimpse into the impossible.  

The show, which is slated to be a blend of brand new material, as well as some re-envisioned variations on some of John's most requested acts from prior tours throws audience members headfirst into a world where anything can happen and anyone could be the culprit of a major, headline-worthy theft, the likes of which could only be found in a Hollywood blockbuster.

No one is safe from the "Agent Provocateur," a cunning thief and master creator of chaos that can be found at each show.  Will the "Agent" succeed in their quest for criminal success?  It's up to the audience to help catch the crook and find a hero.  In his critically-acclaimed style, John has once again created an experience that is nearly entirely audience based and hugely interactive, making show-goers the stars of one incredible ride.  From unbelievable illusions and jaw dropping stunts to mind blowing acts of mentalism, AGENT PROVOCATOUR will be sure to captivate and amaze.

Who's the "Agent Provocateur" in the AGENT PROVOCATOUR?  You'll have to see the show to find out... Who knows, it might just be YOU