April 1st gave many reason to celebrate.  Whether it be "April Fools Day Pranks" or the first payday of the month, April 1st also offered yet another reason to celebrate:  The release of the newly redesigned John Rotellini AGENT PROVOCATOUR App.  The App, originally released as the John Rotellini TOURPOCALYPSE App in August of 2012 has seen major revisions and is now sporting the AGENT PROVOCATOUR branding along with several new features and a redesined user interface.  Users can learn more about John as well as the sponsors and charitable organizations he works with as well as getting the update on all things AGENT PROVOCATOUR.  There's a lot of media to check out within the app, from videos and audio to newsfeeds and a user-submitted LiveAlbum that enables users to upload their own photos from the Tour to John's Official Facebook Page, there's sure to be something for just about everyone.  You can even browse and purchase merchandise from John's Official Online Store amongst several other new features.  So, you might be wondering what the best part is... *Drumroll please...  It's totally FREE! So go grab it now! (Before we change our minds.)

Click on the photo above to download the app, free of charge, to your mobile device or tablet!

Available for:


Blackberry (as a "web app.")




*Web apps do not support all features (photo importing/exporting capabilities) of the final native app.*