On Campus Entertainment


On Campus Entertainment

Are you watching closely?  By combining sleight of hand magic and illusions with con-artist principles and psychology, John is able to do seemingly impossible things.  Audiences of almost every age from around the world have have enjoyed John's hyper-interactive performances which make spectators the stars of the show.  From theaters, performing arts centers, casinos and arenas to colleges and universities, John injects pop culture and comedy with audience suggestions, creating one-of-a-kind moments that make each show different than the last.

Our organization was so impressed with John. He was the perfect addition to the student activities events, he was fun and funny, he was fascinating with his magic, and he was simply a hit with our audience. His material was ideally suited for our crowd. This event turned out to be one of our highest attended events… I would highly recommend John for any show that pertains to students or family, you will not be disappointed.
— Shellie J. / Chadron State College

Doing The Impossible

Doing The Impossible

Whether he's performing for 100 or 20,000, John prides himself on developing routines suitable for all ages that blur the line between what's real and what's not. The backdrops for John's brand of spectacle are as eclectic as his conjuring repertoire and have included numerous resorts, casinos, performing arts centers, theatres and arenas. Audiences learn that things that may seem very real are, in fact, an illusion and what appears to be an illusion is actually reality.


The following videos include John in action in a variety of locations.  This footage includes John in studio, close-up as well as onstage.  Onstage touring footage is featured from John's private review collection as new publicly accessible footage is currently being edited.

Full Routines

Quickpocket Review Copy (Full Routine) - 2017

***All borrowed items were returned to participants later in the performance.***

Show Finale Review Copy (Full Routine) - 2015

Special Events

Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics International Conference - 2018

Olive Crest Drop To Stop Child Abuse - 2018

Las Vegas Aces Halftime Prediction Challenge - 2018

Goodie Two Shoes Foundation - 2018

Axe Throw Challenge - 2017

Magic with The Harlem Globetrotters @ T-Mobile Arena - 2016


The Big Deal Event Shout Out - 2017

How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube - 2016


2 Coin Trick - 2016

Sharpie Dot Teleports - 2016


Taco Time Keynote Review Footage - 2018







John has developed a collection of various interactive performance types to suit almost any performance venue and duration for on campus entertainment.  His performances can range from as few as five minutes to as long as ninety minutes.  Here are a few of his offerings:


Full Tour/Main Stage Performances

John regularly headlines various events around the United States and is happy to bring his current tour performance to your next event. These performances are a perfect way to finish a conference, convention or corporate event and highlight your guests as the stars of the show.

1.)  John's newest U.S. Tour, AGENT PROVOCATOUR sets the audience on a journey to catch one of the world's most elusive thieves, who just so happens to be a member of the audience.  Will the thief be caught?  You'll have to see the show to find out.  This show is best suited as a main stage/headlining engagement and typically runs between sixty to ninety minutes.

2.)  Additional headlining performances can be developed separately from his AGENT PROVOCATOUR offerings as John has over four hours of interactive performance material that doesn't require large props.  John combines traditional magic and sleight of hand with cutting edge technology, psychology, misdirection and showmanship to blur the lines between what's real and what isn't.

These performances are are able to travel very easily as the core props/routines fit inot a single checked bag but can be developed into larger-prop variations when needed.


Close-Up/Club/Cabaret Performances

Interested in having John in a smaller venue?  No problem!  John has an extensive repertoire of interactive close-up material that fits perfectly into various locations, be it in a strolling capacity or as a standalone act. John also has dedicated offerings tailored specifically to club and cabaret style showrooms.

1.)  In his Onstage - Up Close and Personal performance, John is able to astound audiences with a deck of cards, a blindfold and some currency.  Pickpocketing and con-artistry can be introduced when appropriate and audiences will not only be amazed but will be laughing along the way.  Performances can range from fifteen to ninety minutes.

2.)  For the A Seat at The Table performance, John invites audience members to join him at a table set onstage.  With the aid of a camera and a large projection screen backdrop, John demonstrates to audiences a blend of interactive sleight of hand, card magic and psychological skill that challenges audiences to "watch closely!"   Performances can range from fifteen to forty five minutes.

These performances follow John's Full Tour/Main Stage performance logistics in packing very small and traveling very light, allowing John to easily venture from one ship to another with minimal setup/downtime.


Special Event/Large Illusion Performances

On occasion, a client may require a piece of custom magic or a large illusion/spectacle to be performed.  These requests often can be accommodated and are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Keynotes & Breakout sessions

Looking for a dynamic and entertaining keynote presentation or breakout session for your next event? Look no further. John loves helping people figure out how to achieve their own “impossible feats” and is able to provide pre-developed interactive and educational presentations as well as custom tailor unique offerings for clients on a range of subjects including but not limited to:






-Crisis Management

-Community Involvement

-Marketing and Advertising

These individual engagements can range from fifteen to ninety minutes in duration based on client needs.


About John

About John

John driving blind with a police escort - 2009

John driving blind with a police escort - 2009


John developed an interest in magic when he was very young after seeing magic specials on TV as well as at special touring performances that visited his hometown of Sheridan, WY.  While John knew a couple of simple tricks early on, magic wouldn't become a major part of his life until a chance encounter with some friends (who happened to be amateur magicians) spurred his interest during the summer of his junior year in high school.

Surprisingly, Sheridan's Public Library had an extensive collection of magic books which helped John to develop his passion as he honed his craft and began performing around his hometown.  Performances for friends and family grew into birthday parties and local group events which eventually led to performing large illusion shows for theater audiences throughout his home state of Wyoming.  

Following this progression, John launched his first headlining tour, Locked UP in April of 2009. The show, which opened to sold out crowds included a very special stunt.  The spectacle, Rotellini's first venture into stunt work, was entitled -B L I N D- and required John to spend a day without sight, wrapping up with a blind drive through the streets of his hometown in a 2009 Pontiac Solstice roadster.

Three years later, in January of 2012, the show transitioned from it's original Locked UP format into the TOURPOCALYPSE brand. The show, a blend of high-octane illusions punctuated with close up effects, celebrity cameos and what can only be called "special" theatrical moments, entertained crowds across the U.S. and led to John's first full-length DVD - John Rotellini: TOURPOCALYPSE Live From The Gryphon Theatre

From late 2011 until early 2013 John spent most of his time on the road.  After his critically-acclaimed tour wrapped its run during the middle of 2013, John began developing an all-new show -  AGENT PROVOCATOUR which began in 2015 and is currently touring the United States.

On April 19, 2016, John became the first magician to perform at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.  John joined the Harlem Globetrotters (who were also completing another first for the arena - its first athletic event) to create some very special magic for their 90th Anniversary World Tour.

John has remained busy, raising thousands of dollars for charities that include Kidd's Kids, Children's Miracle Network, Win-Win Entertainment, The USO and Relay for Life while traveling the country entertaining audiences at various colleges, public and private events to rave reviews. He has been fortunate enough to gain sponsorship from Countryman Microphones, Honey Stinger, American Crew Men's Products and has had the privilege of having EXPRESS Fashion be the official wardrobe provider for some of his tours.


Corporate Clientele

Corporate Clientele

John's unique, audience-centric performance style is perfectly suited for corporate events. Whether it be providing headline entertainment for an entire convention or branching off into smaller trade show or VIP special events, John has excelled at creating unique experiences that combine custom branding and messaging into unforgettable moments for patrons and staff alike.


We are proud to have worked with so many wonderful organizations,

Here are a few of our past clients: